* Based On Net Assets *

Navigator Tactical Fixed Income Fund 6/30/2022

Security Holdings Through 6/30/2022
Security DescriptionPercentage
JPMorgan Prime Money Market Fund13.66 %
Dreyfus Treasury Obligations Cash Management Fund12.58 %
Federated Hermes Institutional Prime Obligations4.6 %
United States Treasury Bill4.25 %
Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Funds -3.89 %
BlackRock Liquidity Funds TempFund Portfolio1.42 %
FMC Corporation1.42 %
Goldman Sachs Financial Square Money Market Fund1.42 %
Jabil, Inc.1.42 %
United States Treasury Bill1.42 %

The security holdings are presented to illustrate examples of the securities that the fund has bought and the diversity of areas in which the funds may invest, and may not be representative of the fund's current or future investments. Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered to be investment advice.