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Gemini Fund is an industry leader in bringing mutual funds to market. We utilize a step-by-step consultative approach to guide advisors through the registration and launch process, and offer both standalone and series trust models.

Our mutual fund administration, accounting, and transfer agent services are fully integrated, providing advisors with comprehensive and streamlined support. Armed with the power of our industry knowledge, we partner with you to achieve the vision of your product. Your success is our success!


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Why start a pooled product

Advisors start their own investment vehicles for many reasons, including new distribution opportunities and increased efficiencies.


Mutual funds provide advisors with the opportunity to market their strategy inside a pooled asset solution to the retail public, other advisors, and broker/dealers.


Separate account management requires the advisor to invest time and resources at the client portfolio level. Each account, big or small, must be serviced and maintained. As an advisor’s business grows, those service and maintenance requirements can consume a disproportionate amount of time, reducing productivity and profitability, and hindering future growth potential.

Efficiencies are gained by pooling all these assets inside a mutual fund because portfolio investing is transacted at the fund level. Gemini Fund’s transfer agent handles the fund’s shareholder support, allowing advisors to focus their time on portfolio management and raising assets.

Learn more about the benefits to starting a mutual fund below.

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What types of product can I start

There are many types of pooled investment products an advisor can choose to start that Gemini Fund services. There are open-end and closed-end mutual funds, closed-end interval funds, funds that only sell on insurance platforms, funds that pool retirement plan assets (collective investment trusts), exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and funds for college savings accounts.

To learn more about each type of fund, download our Pooled Solutions flyer here. We discuss each type of pooled product in detail.

We offer many articles about the various types of funds in our resource center. We compare exchange-traded funds to mutual funds, talk about managed futures funds, highlight the benefits of starting a mutual fund on an insurance platform and more. Click the link below to visit the resource center now.

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Who do I need to help me start a product

Choosing the right partners for your fund is a critical step. As an engaged partner, Gemini Fund shares in our advisors’ long-term visions. We offer customized support to meet the needs of each individual advisor, and we will help you select the right partners for your fund.

Gemini Fund helps bring funds to market while guiding advisors through the potential pitfalls common in today’s economic environment and the challenges presented by current compliance regulations. We provide the support you need to succeed.

Learn more about the Partners we currently work with below. If you have partners in mind you’d like to work with, let us know. If we don’t currently have a relationship with them, that is no problem for us. Our open architecture platform allows us to work with many partners without any issues.

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How do I structure my product

All mutual funds are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a trust format. Advisors can choose to launch their funds in either a shared or series trust or they can launch their fund in a stand alone trust.

A shared or series trust is comprised of independent funds, all managed by separate advisors. This means your fund would be registered in a trust with other funds but you are still fully in control of managing your fund as an independent advisor. Gemini Fund offers several series trust options. Your fund would share some costs with other funds in the trust, easing the financial burden for you as the advisor for costs incurred while running a fund. Your fund would also share a board of trustees with every fund in the trust, which saves you as the advisor time and money because you do not have to recruit trustees and form your own board.

A stand alone trust is a trust comprised of only your firm’s mutual fund(s). Your firm is responsible for all costs for your fund(s) and forming your own board of trustees.

Creation costs, time to market, the SEC review process, various fees and more are different for funds in a series trust or stand alone model.

To learn more, visit our resource center and learn which is right for your fund, a stand alone or series trust.

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Can I be a sub-advisor for a product

Gemini Fund is pleased to offer a few options to investment advisors who are interested in launching a mutual fund but do not want to be the named advisor. We have partnered with a few firms, including Advisors Preferred, to help bring these funds to market.

There can be several variations of a sub-advisor / named advisor relationship. It’s been our experience that typically the sub-advisor for a mutual fund is responsible for the portfolio management of the fund.

The named advisor is responsible for trade execution, daily/weekly/monthly compliance review and active distribution of the fund, amongst other oversight responsibilities. The contract to manage the assets of the fund is held by the named advisor. Thus the named advisor is the responsible party for all fund expenses until the fund has reached its breakeven level. Once the fund reaches breakeven, the named advisor would receive the fund’s associated management fee. Sub-advisors are paid by the named advisor. The fee agreements can vary, but typically, it is a percentage of the management fee once the fund is above breakeven.

It’s important to note that the sub-advisor has limited control over the branding of the fund and the fund’s distribution. Because the named advisor is ultimately responsible and holds the contract to manage the assets, the final decisions for the fund are made by the named advisor. In addition, the named advisor does have the authority to terminate the sub-advisor from the fund.

If you are interested in learning more about sub-advisor opportunities, please contact us at 855-891-0092. You can also visit Advisors Preferred online below.

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