Why Gemini Fund

As a comprehensive partner offering a variety of services, Gemini Fund can help advisors with all aspects of starting a pooled investment product as well as converting existing funds. While we are an expert in fund services including fund administration, accounting, and transfer agency, Gemini Fund is more than just a service provider.

We’re an engaged partner that strives to wrap around your business. In the creation phase of your fund, we’ll talk you through every step and provide guidance based on our past experience. Once your fund is launched, our distribution support consultants will assist you in finding the right partners to help you with marketing and distribution. If you’re converting your fund to Gemini Fund from another provider, we’ll make that process as seamless as possible for you and your shareholders.

Gemini Fund has been creating and servicing mutual funds for more than 30 years. Our size enables us to deliver personalized attention and well-established enough to attract and retain world-class talent. Our size keeps us agile and extremely competitive. We believe in running efficient operations to bring efficiencies to our advisors.

Investing in technology is not the same as efficiently using it. At Gemini Fund, we do both. We continue to develop and improve our systems to manage mutual fund company operations and customer transactions more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our open architecture platform allows us to work with affiliated and complementary service providers on behalf of our advisors. The seamless integration of our administration and accounting systems, combined with exceptional shareholder services, allows us to provide unique, customized solutions.


Gemini Fund’s Value-Added Differences include:

State-of-the-art technology

30+ years of mutual fund management experience

Customized approach to each client

Innovative and integrated products and services

Significant value in product pricing

Creative thinking combined with solid industry experience


We know it’s important to select a service provider that adheres to high standards and is prepared to handle a variety of situations. Rest assured Gemini Fund is that provider. We are proud to have the below certifications:


Fund Accounting Operations
(recertified every six months)


Transfer Agent Operations
(recertified every six months)

ISO 27001

The highest security standard in the technology industry
(recertified annually)