Innovative Management Beyond Borders
Welcome to the FX (Foreign Exchange) Strategy Fund
The FX Strategy Fund offers investors the opportunity to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by investing on a global scale. FX Strategy Fund goes beyond the traditional fund structure. We attempt to create value through prudent foreign currency selection and management. In addition we seek to maximize investor return by supplementing it with income earned through investing our collateral in the fixed income market.

The Result: We believe the strategy may result in a solid reward to risk ratio while targeting a moderate fund volatility.
Innovation: Capturing Hidden Potential in the FX Market
Capturing opportunities across the globe is at the core of the Fund’s philosophy. Our FX model approaches investing by using multiple factors and quantitative techniques to analyze macroeconomic and financial indicators in order to pinpoint long and short positions in the world’s currencies.

The strategy attempts to predict returns and volatilities for currencies primarily in developed markets and then optimizes potential investments based on risk/reward trade-offs to produce target positions. By analyzing factors such as inflation, interest rates across developed markets, interest rate acceleration and movement, yield curve characteristics, and liquidity conditions such as credit spreads, swap spreads, volatility of currencies and correlation between short-term rates and currency returns, the manager looks to indentify currency linked investments that have the potential to generate consistent positive absolute returns.
Fund Objectives
  • Strong absolute returns regardless of stock or bond market environment.
  • Diversification across major global currency markets.
  • Low credit and liquidity risk.
Currency: What it means for You
Our clients are at the center of our strategy formation. This is why the FX Strategy Fund has designed such a strategy where it is not constrained to invest in a minimum or maximum number of funds or securities. The FX Strategy Fund has the freedom to choose only those investments that we believe are most sound, giving our clients potential for success. In addition, the currency market is not correlated to the stock or bond market; thus, it has the ability to succeed in any market conditions. This also makes it a good diversifying vehicle for your overall portfolio.